Lead Generation

Qualified Leads

Lead Generation will gain your company outreach to decision-makers within your target market and create brand awareness, generate interest, and gain key information to feedback to you to use for further pipelining and to close. Our callers will be calling into your target market, discovering relevant information, then confirming future contact to pass over to your teams to further nurture and then close. We will gain information concerning contact details, purchasing habits and interests of the prospect so you can create a stronger pipeline.

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How we do it

Outbound calling

Our caller will be completing outbound calls to maximise their statistics in terms of leads generated, our team allow for a more open flow of conversation and to gain more information out of your decision-maker. We use specialist techniques to extract the utmost detail out of our calls to send back to our prospects as quality and detailed leads to be placed into your in-house system. Our callers are trained in a plethora of CRM systems in which we can directly put leads in.

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why use telu?

tried and trusted

Experience – Our specialist lead generation teams have years of experience with generating leads with a vast array of sectors and industries.

Knowledge – Our senior leaders and callers are experts in generating leads, having detailed knowledge on how to get a high number of quality leads daily.

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