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Your Questions Answered.

We have put all of our most frequently asked questions together in one handy place. If you have any questions which you can’t find the answer to, contact us.

Our team works hard to get you as many leads per day as possible. Before we begin any campaign, we research your product and market and work with you to come up with a realistic and achievable target. We have a proven track record of exceeding those targets. We under promise and over deliver.

We can run any length of campaign, depending on your company goals. We specialise in creating long-term partnerships, working alongside your team, and becoming another arm of your business. We also carry out short term campaigns, creating as much impact as possible in a short amount of time.

Our team are elite. They boast many years sales and marketing experience and have an in depth understanding of every industry. Before we kick off your campaign, we do extensive research into your product/service, your target markets and your industry so we can develop and implement the best strategies and techniques that will enable us to succeed.

There are many benefits to working with us. As well as getting access to all of Team Telu’s experience, and receiving sales qualified leads directly to your inbox, we handle all the back-end admin. We cover annual salary, annual leave, sickness, bonus, incentives, and most importantly training. See a return on investment from day 1.

We partner with companies of any size. We have partners that span the globe, and partners who are just starting out here in the UK. The ethos here at Telu is one of equal opportunity, we invest the same enthusiasm, respect & effort into partners, big and small.

We are always recruiting for new members of Team Telu. We look out for people who are of extremely high calibre, and do not hesitate to employ them. This means we can dedicate as many members of Team Telu to your campaign as necessary. Depending on your type of campaign, and the goals you wanted to achieve with us, we will grow your campaign in size when needed.

Start your journey today.

Embrace the opportunity for growth – Begin your journey today and let us pave the way to success together!

Telu are trusted by over 500 companies.

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UK Office: 

2 Victoria Avenue
North Yorkshire

Dubai Office:

Meydan Grandstand
6th Floor
Meydan Road
Nad Al Sheba

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