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Our Direct Selling service takes on the full process from generating the lead, all the way through to the pipelining and communication to the point of sale including sending quotes and all administration included for including PO numbers. Directly being sent on to your order fulfilment and despatch team.

Our Direct Sellers are experts in the full cycle sale, building rapport with key purchasing decision-makers all the way from the initial outreach through a phone call, email, or LinkedIn communication through to the point of direct sale. Using proven scripts and selling techniques and methods.

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how we do it

Outbound calling

Our team will contact your target market and build rapport and a relationship with the key purchasing decision maker , keeping in frequent communication with said prospect as a part of a step-by-step sales process.

Ensuring satisfaction , communication, and high-quality customer service to drive the sale.

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why use telu?


We are experts in direct selling, with a team boasting several years’ experience selling products and services all over the world. Our team are always meeting the customers’ needs in terms of customer service , knowledge , service levels and any query they may have, this is a reliable service to cover a patch internally

0113 486 4780